operation worth of:

spock - !B.

physical diffect - _____ ..

TOOTH DECAY - ______ …

COLESLAW -  ______

i want to ask money..

Mag hingi ako pera…



President Benigno S. Aquino III meets Miss World 2013 Megan Young.

President Benigno S. Aquino III meets Miss World 2013 Megan Young.

Computer bullying, cyber bullying; Phone Bullying…asshole!

merano-sa-quiapo: carim panumpang jr, and Pacasum Family, wanted!!

how many would you give to me? Look for this, what do you call?

how many would you give to me? Look for this, what do you call?

Merry Christmas and Happy New Year my dear friends

Well..it’s Christmas time.My dear BetaAquilae featured in his journal those who voted for his photo on the contest and he thanks everyone for support:)I would like to wish you all best: lots of good works and may all your wishes come true:) This year has also been beautiful on DA and I wish to thank everyone who made me happy:) It is the best gift I could have wished for.
Since my premium membership is comming to an end; I would like to use this last week to make a second part of feature,as gratitude to those who voted for me on Miss Slavonija info contest.
I would also like to thank nivaun for this year’s feature.It’s been a great gift last Christmas.
I cannot buy myself premium membership I have no idea why…still if I get the chance to feature your beautiful works next year,count on it;) If not I will still remain your faithful watcher and fan;)
Once again Merry Christmas


computer bullying;

Phone bullying.


people are harassing.


Hello people…I’ve been busy with the academy lately but as soon as I catch some time…new features are coming up

Read please

Now there is this spammer…you already know about that person…and it is insignificant but just to warn you….she has made other accounts,has very bad english and claims to be me…at least I think…but anyway it is a troll and pay no attention.She/he has made several accounts in order to troll me and my watchers.Now she has made her forth profile and took a name antoanette2.I have no idea who is that person but don’t let the name confuse you…this is real me…and this person is only here to make us all laugh…:D I haven’t warned you about that before cause it is silly and there is no need to pay any attention to that.The only reason why I warn you now is because of her confusing nickname here…so please if you see antoanette 2…IT IS NOT ME:) here is the link :  antoanette.deviantart.com/
Aaaanyway I hope there will be more tricks from this troll clown lol…cause it really makes me laugh.Geez I am famous:D

Be happy and wonderful as you always are.


I have been on DA for two yrs and  it is my favorite site.I love it.But I have recently had a very bad experience.
Around Easter I have got a warning by my friend CoreyByas about one member of DA who has a gallery here as a model,who used my photo fav.me/d2h3afd entitled as me1,claiming in comments it is portrait of her.
She has a gallery full of photos of some other girl for which I’ve heard were also stolen.When someone asked her why does she have only one photo of herself, she said it was a test shooting so she can prove she can do it.The photo she has stolen is a work of a photographer Ayami7 and it can be found on his gallery as well.Whenever someone asks me about usage of photos I never agree myself,I always tell people to ask the photographer.No one ever asked any permission for using this photo so it was obviously stolen. DA staff received many complains and proofs it was stolen and some people wrote on the comments bellow the photo it was stolen.She blocked those persons.Nevertheless DA staff was professional enough to do the right thing.They removed the photo from her gallery after seeing the evidence of stealing.I am so grateful to them.So I wanted to let it be.But now I have read on her profile she claims she removed the photo cause some people complained it was stolen while I was the real thief who actually stole it from her. That is the reason why I am writing this journal because I hate when someone is lying. She still uses that photo as an avatar and continues to lie about everything.I have also heard she stole the rest of the photos,that those are also  the photos from some other girl.
I wrote to her that it is very stupid to accuse DA staff of such a mistake,while using DA as a site where she has her profile.The entire gallery is false and stolen and people like her should be removed from here.I work hard as a model and I give my best.This is unfair to my work and also to a work of the photographers I work with,since it is their work as well.

I am thankful to all my friends who also complained about that.It is so nice to know I can count on you guys. I assume she will soon hide the comments I wrote,cause she has already hidden some comments of other people,and I think she will block me as well from her profile after what I wrote to her,but still this is the link to her gallery so you can see who I am talking about.

On one hand I am thinking..shame on her…on the other hand…as Oscar Wilde once said:  imitation is the highest form of flattery.Poor girl…Only thing why I am angry about is that it is offensive to my work and the work of the photographers I worked with.Someone should do something about it

Love U all and thank you for “listening”



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